We will be CLOSE from 17th June until 23rd July 2019 for our Mid-year holiday.

We will be OPEN on Wednesday 24th July 2019 as usual.

We Apologies for any inconvenience,

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Ayam goreng 99

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Ayam Goreng 99

Established in 1998


Ayam Goreng 99 is an Authentic Indonesian restaurant located in Kingsford

We first opened our doors on the 1st of August 1998.                                                           Since then we have been serving traditional authentic Indonesian food with the freshest ingredients and locally source produce.

"Ayam Goreng" means Fried Chicken in Indonesian and our traditional marinated fried chicken is what we are known for, as well as for our "Ayam Bakar" which is a marinated charcoal grilled chicken. We serve that with our handmade 'Sambel Terasi" or translated to spicy belachan chilli sauce, which we still cooking it traditionally in a big wok for several hours in our kitchen. The sauce is available in the jar for purchase only at our restaurant. Our menu has a variety of dishes like Nasi Goreng (fried rice), Bakmie goreng (stir-fried egg noodle), Charcoal grilled Chicken or Lamb satay, Cah Kangkung (stir-fry onchoy with belachan), as well as Soups, traditional drinks and many more.   



(02) 96970030

Walk-in Only

Dining or Takeaway 

Location                            464 anzac parade      Kingsford, NSW              Australia



Monday-Tuesday close
11:30am - 4pm      Dinner 6pm - 9pm